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The jabs keep coming. 

It may be approaching a full month since Michael Strahan said his final goodbyes to the Live! set, but that doesn't mean recent months' engrossing show drama has just been swept under the rug for good.

When Joel McHale joined Kelly Ripa on Tuesday morning, the comedian unintentionally helped stir the pot when he brought up Ripa's recent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

"Is it weird to think people are walking on top of you right now?" he asked Ripa. 

"No. I've gotten used to that," she quipped right back, referencing more than just the physical accolade. 

It was an undeniable slam at the Strahan drama as McHale laughed with an obvious pointed expression to the April and May events. While the audience seemed a bit confused on how to react, Ripa assured the fans "it's ok."

Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Live! With Kelly


While no official new co-host has been revealed as of yet, Ripa continues to play musical chairs with guest co-hosts, which have most recently included husband Mark Consuelos, Andy Cohen and fan favorite, Anderson Cooper

Regardless of who is picked, the longtime leader of the morning program has said she has no intentions of going solo. 

"I like having a partner," she told People. "I don't think it works otherwise. I need someone sitting next to me."

Still, it can't just be anybody, which is where the summer segments come into play. "We have to now find another great person, which is fun but challenging," she continued to the magazine. 

"Our show is one based on chemistry and camaraderie and trust. All those things don't just happen; it doesn't fall out of the sky. It takes a lot of work, and it takes a group discussion."

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