Animal Kingdom, Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman


Hide the sweaters, hide the muumuus.

Listen, we don't want to get anyone fired or anything BUT we're going to need someone over at TNT's new drama Animal Kingdom, which we here at E! News are already obsessed with, give a stern lecture to their directors for us. Why? Because they told star Scott Speedman (aka one of our all-time TV boyfriends) to keep his shirt on. Seriously. 

The Felicity star appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Monday night, and told the devastating story about being told to put his shirt back on after doing a shirtless scene for the new show, which debuts on June 14. 

After admitting "for years" that he was "so nervous" about taking his shirt off in scenes ("I'd be like, 'No, give me a sweater or muumuu!'"), Speedman, 40, said he was prepared to shed his shirt for Animal Kingdom, which centers on a group of surfing brothers in Southern Calif. "So we start doing the scene and the moment comes, and I take it off and finish the scene, and the director comes over and says, 'Great job, we're going to go again, keep the shirt on in this one,'" Speedman said. "So the shame of putting the shirt back on and the one tear going down the cheek." 

Speedman plays Baz, the oldest of five brothers, in the gritty crime-family drama, which also stars Ellen Barkin, and admitted, "It's been an hilarious adventure trying to keep up with these young dudes," before jokingly adding he doesn't pay much attention to the actor closest to him in age, Shawn Hatosy

Funnily enough, when we looked for photos from the show, most of the brothers are shirtless, while Speedman is fully clothed. THE. INJUSTICE.

Animal Kingdom premieres, minus shirtless Speedman scenes, on June 14 on TNT. 

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