Prince Harry, Olivia Tallent


Because who wouldn't call Prince Harry their boyfriend if given the opportunity?

A possible new (and regal!) couple alert started making headlines after the young royal was posed in a photograph that labeled him as a young woman's boyfriend. But that's not actually the case, people. It was just a joke.

Olivia Tallent, daughter of Garry Tallent who is in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, had the wonderful pleasure of making Harry's acquaintance when Harry showed up to enjoy the band's performance at Wembley Stadium last night as part of their The River tour.

So, obviously, the 19-year-old took a snap with Harry. And, also obviously, captioned the adorable photo, "new boyfriend," on Twitter, because why waste the chance? She also posted the photo on her Instagram, and wrote, "Princess Olivia has a pretty nice ring to it, right?"

Well, as harmless as that may have been, it sparked romance rumors because people didn't get the joke (and also, because that's the way the Internet works). To that, we offer the gentleman's facial expression in the background of their picture as our response.

Tallent cleared the air soon afterward by tweeting to everyone who was speculating on their relationship, "I'm not actually dating Prince Harry, guys. Let's not be ridiculous here."

Prince Harry is no stranger to romance rumors. In fact, he's constantly thrown in the ring when it comes to whether or not a certain beauty has become the center of his love life, and one in particular has been in mentions for years now—Pippa Middleton.

Almost directly following the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William, their siblings were shipped by royal fans everywhere. And they almost got what they wanted when an article claimed Pippa and Harry were in a "secret romance" for years, but alas, it wasn't true.

The Daily Star printed the story in December 2015, but Prince Harry complained about it, saying the story was "completely untrue."

"The article had clearly attributed the claims about the complainant and Ms. Middleton to the U.S. magazine. While it had not contained a positive assertion of their truth, there was no suggestion that there was reason to doubt their veracity.

"Furthermore, the article had stated that 'Clarence House had declined to comment' but the newspaper had not argued—in response to the complaint—that such an approach had been made. The only conclusion which the committee could draw was that the newspaper had not sought to verify the claims, as reported."

So what have we learned? Calling Prince Harry your boyfriend will create a stir on the interwebs, and, more importantly, Prince Harry is still single.

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