Mark Zuckerberg

AP Photo/Alex Washburn

Oh, Mark Zuckerberg. Marky Mark. The Zucks. Good ol' M-Zuck. Big MZ. What are you doing with this terrible password, friend?!

It appears that the creator of Facebook had his Twitter and Pinterest pages hacked over the weekend, according to since deleted tweets (screenshots below). A group calling themselves OurMind has publicly identified themselves as the organization behind the hack, calling out Zuckerberg on his Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

"Hey [Zuckerberg] we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us," read the tweet, which was quickly taken down. A Facebook spokesperson later told VentureBeat that his Instagram and Facebook accounts were untouched in the hack.

"No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed," the Facebook rep said. "The affected accounts have been re-secured."

But the most enlightening piece of information from this security breach was OurMind's claim that Zuckerberg's password was something kind of dumb. While it wasn't exactly on par with "12345," it was something equally simple.

"Dadada" was the alleged password this team was able to use to hack into his accounts, which…c'mon, dude. You're one of the leaders of the social media movement. Have a better password. Throw a number in there at least.

The group also claims that Zuckerberg didn't change his password after the big Linkedin data hack in 2012, which was another terrible move by the Facebook founder.

Zuckerberg obviously didn't really use his Twitter account that much and we can't imagine he was spending many nights pinning recipes for avocado toast on his Pinterest board. So this hack wasn't all that damaging, except that it proved that even a tech king like Zuckerberg can be caught with his password pants down.

What did we learn from The Zucks today, kids? Change your password when there is a security breach and don't make it as simple as "dadada." Now stay safe out there in Internet land, everyone!

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