Well, that's a new way to do an interview.

We don't know how he managed this, but Jimmy Kimmel convinced Mariah Carey to do an interview with him for his late-night show while soaking together in a bathtub.

Clad in a floor-length sparkling gown and diamonds galore—don't forget her 35-carat engagement sparkler—Mimi willingly stepped into the tub filled with bubbles and surrounded by candles and bouquets of flowers resting on pedestals. It was as close to an oasis as you can find on a late-night show set. 

If the decor wasn't enough, the pair was truly in the lap of luxury when two shirtless servants arrived to serve them champagne and feed them grapes, ancient Greek style. 

Soon, Kimmel got down to brass tacks, questioning Carey about her resuming residency in Las Vegas, which features a lengthy set list of her 18 career hits. 

Mariah Carey, Jimmy Kimmel Live


"I need to cut it," Carey joked, describing how the show is like a nod to her nearly 30 year career. Yes, she will get back into her iconic little black dress. 

"It's not the typical [Vegas situation]" she told Kimmel, describing how attendees travel from all over the world to see the show at Caesar's Palace. "The audience [is] devoted fans."

Still, if you didn't plan six months ago and travel thousands of miles to see her, don't fret. The "We Belong Together" singer welcomes everyone with a ticket.

"Come on out," she asked. "Have yourself a splash."

No pun intended, Mariah? 

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