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Yesterday, the music world was rocked. News hit that legendary and timeless couple Calvin Harrisand Taylor Swift broke up.

Never again will their fans get to scroll through their loving dedicated Instagram posts, see Taylor reaching out to her beau during a concert, laugh at pictures of them balancing on a swan floatie together. Theirs was a love we thought we hadn't seen before from the two of them. They've both dated other famous musicians, of course, but this felt different. (What does love even mean anymore?). 

But as hard as it is for the public to process, the breakup is surely far more difficult for Taylor and Calvin themselves. They are, after all, the ones faced with the prospect having the awkward last goodbye, the awkward dividing of the belongings, the awkward (and inevitable) accidental run-in. We can't pretend to know what they're going through, but we can pretend to know how to help them out through these tough times: With the healing power of music.

And no, we don't mean one of Swift's many breakup albums. She may have cornered the market on tunes you want to listen to when someone just ripped your heart out and stomped on it, but it's time to take a different approach. Here are TKTKTKKT lyrics from Calvin Harris that can soothe (or distract, or further anger, their pick) their broken hearts. 

1. We could be together baby, as long as skies are blue/ You act so innocent now, but you lied so soon — "Summer"

2. How deep is your love/ Is it like the ocean/ What devotion are you? — "How Deep Is Your Love"

3. We go fast with the game we play/ Who knows why it gotta be this way — "This Is What You Came For"

4. Look at what you've done/ stand still, fallin' away from me/ When it takes so long/ Fire's out, what do you want to be? — "Outside"

5. It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny/ But I gotta let it go — "We Found Love"

6. It's not enough to tell me that you care/ When we both know the words are empty air/ You give me nothing, nothing — "Sweet Nothing"

7. I'll show you what it feels like/ Now I'm on the outside/ We did everything right/ Now I'm on the outside — "Outside"

8. I thought the end of a love was what made you strong/ I pray to God, I just don't know anymore — "Pray to God"

9. I can't believe it, every day and every night/ Is getting better with you out of my life/ It's like I flicked a switch and now I'm feeling good — "Bounce"

10. Cause I can't stop wondering/ If I was too late to see the signs/ If I could go back with hands up/ I'd look up to the sky — "Pray to God"

11. I need a little space in my mind/ I need that little hope I can find/ I need a little, I need a little faith/ Is that too much to ask for? — "Faith"

12. So you give me no reason/ For me to stay close to you/ Tell me what lovers do/ How are we still breathing — "Outside"

13. You cannot dream yourself to notice/ To feel pain and swallow fear/ But can you stay up for the weekend/ For next year — "I'm Not Alone"

14. When the weekend comes you know I'll feel alive/ You will be the last thing on my mind/ No regrets, do you know what that means? — "Bounce"

15. I take a breath every time I pass your door/ I know you're there but I can't see you anymore — "I Need Your Love"

16. Lookin' at your last text/ Damn did you really even mean it/ Did you even look through it, did you even read it/ I've been breaking up with girls since I was 15/ It's the only thing that hasn't gotten any easier — "Open Wide"

17. In a moment, I know that everything can change/ And I know that my life will never be the same — "Thinking About You"

18. I'm the newest version of the old me/ All my exes are on me/ Wishin' they could X and O me — "Open Wide"

19. My first mistake was letting you into my life/ My second mistake was allowing you into my bed/ My third mistake was loving you more than I should — "Worst Day"

20. All the years, all the times/ You have never been to blame/ And now my eyes are open/ And now my heart is closing/ All the tears, all the lies, all the ways/ I've been trying to make a change/ And now my eyes are open — "I Need Your Love"

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