Leonardo DiCaprio has a long, impressive romantic history. Many a joke has been made about his penchant for rifling through tall, young, leggy women, and they're all true. Over the course of his stardom he's found love with so many amazing and otherworldly women, from Blake Livelyto Bar Rafaeli and even Gisele Bundchen

It's an enviable resumé, but one that has also proved somewhat unsuccessful for the elusive star. While he has found companionship with so many, he has found a soulmate in so few. In fact, there is really only one real and true romance in Leo's life, only one real and true partner who has been there through thick, thin and those many Oscar snubs. 

And that would be...his newsboy cap.


This hat has brought so much joy to our dear DiCaprio's life. It has provided him with shelter and shade and it never ever lets him down, which is more than we can say for the bevy of beauties. His newsboy cap is Leo's most trusted companion, accompanying him everywhere from sporting events to music festivals to, yes, endless yachting adventures. The two have a love more pure than most of us can ever hope to experience, and we stand here today in awe of their commitment. 

So let's honor it in a most deserved way, by clicking through the photo montage below.

PHOTOS: Leonardo Dicaprio + His Newsboy Cap = True Love

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