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When's the last time that you slowed down to genuinely interact with people that you usually wouldn't? 

No, we're not talking about that time you sent a heartfelt text message to a long lost friend or silently coexisted in the same room as another human being. We're talking about getting out there, shutting off your phone and making an effort to say hello to the people in your community.  

Don't be too hard on yourself, celebs are guilty of it, too. If you're feeling stuck in a bubble and need to remind yourself of the importance of togetherness, these ideas are easier than you think! 

Cook for the Elderly: Prepping a home-cooked meal can be a day-long activity all in itself, but it's totally worth it when you're doing it for those in need. For the freshest ingredients, hit up the farmers' market (a good place to spot celebs) and once everything is prepared, head to your local senior center to share a meal with the elderly. 

Join a Community Garden: Celebs are sticklers for maintaining healthy diets and many have been known to grow their own veggies and herbs to help keep them on track. If fresh produce piques your interest, join your local community garden. You will learn a new skill and make new healthy friends at the same time. 

Volunteer for a Beach Cleanup: Since summer is here, get out of the house and spend some time volunteering in the sun. Celebs are usually diligent about anti-aging regimes and staying out of the direct sunlight, but they still make time to enjoy the ocean, and so should you. Whether you go with friends or roll up solo, you never know who you'll bump into while you're volunteering. 

Throw a Baking Party: Sometimes you just want to stay in and be incognito (like a celeb). But, just because you're keeping it low-key doesn't mean your night can't be about charity. Invite your friends over and have them invite theirs. To give back, bake a variety of homemade goodies and take a group trip to the homeless shelter before you head back home for movie night.

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