Finding Nemo Emoji

Disney Interactive Media

It's safe to say anything can be emojified these days. Every brand, product and person seem to be riding that bandwagon, and sometimes we wonder if we even need to use words anymore. The latest thing to get the emoji treatment is Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo. Disney Interactive Media created the piece to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the film that makes us cry every dang time. Also, yes, it's time to check for gray hair because it's really been that long. Pro tip: If you watch the entire piece, you'll catch two characters from Finding Dory, out June 17.

This isn't the first time Disney has done this with one of their films. Frozen's Anna and Elsa got some (cell phone) screen time as adorable emoticons in Frozen Fever as Told by Emoji.  Finding Nemo as Told by Emoji is also part of the As Told By series which includes other emojified films like Star Wars: The Force AwakensTangled and Aladdin. If you love Disney movies and don't have the time to watch one in its entirety each and every day, these adorable abridged versions are your new best friends. 

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