Christina Ehrlich, Ashley Olsen, Estee Stanley

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Celebrity stylists and designers Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley (pictured above with Ashley Olsen) have a veritable who's who of Hollywood for a client list, including Eva Mendes, Penélope Cruz, Demi Moore and that other Olsen.

So, we called them up for some of their favorite red carpet moments, advice on how to avoid those dreaded wardrobe malfunctions and what they'll be doing come Emmy night.

(Note: After years of working together, Cristina and Estee literally finish other's sentences. Unfortunately, that means we have no idea where one begins and the other jumps in.)
Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon

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What was your favorite Emmy look ever?
Well, we dressed Kyra Sedgwick in Giorgio Armani last year, and that was one of our favorites. Nobody does much for the Emmys. It's a transition season, so it's all over the place, but Kyra was into it.

Do you see any trends happening on the red carpet this year?
It's really hard to say, everyone has their own taste. There's always going to be a group of women who like to wear bright fruit colors because it's the end of summer. Then there are the women who go for more classic white, black, gray and nude and one or two people who show up in a print gown.

When you're helping someone get ready for an awards show, is it all champagne wishes and caviar dreams?
No! We're in a full-blown sweat, running around, trying to make it all happen. Then the most incredible moment is when the girl has finished getting dressed, she's zipped in, the jewelry has been put on, hair and makeup are done and we watch them walk out of the house and into the car. We feel like proud parents, knowing how much work went into creating that perfect silhouette.

Do you send the stars off with an emergency kit?
Besides their tiny bag, they usually have a bigger bag with makeup and lip gloss for touch-ups. Plus, we pack some Degree Ultra Clear if they're really nervous. Nobody wants white marks on their gown. Only once, we had a situation where we were in a car driving behind the client with a seamstress to make sure everything worked out perfectly. But normally when they're zipped in, they’re good to go.

Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey

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So, what do you do during the show?
We usually throw a "We survived the night" party and watch the whole thing on TV. We watch arrivals, we watch what people are wearing and the reactions to what they're wearing. It's the most exciting part for us.

Are you rooting for a particular series this year?
We're pretty big fans of The Closer and Grey's Anatomy. And Brothers & Sisters is a great show. Oh, and The Office, of course. It's hysterical! We love everybody—we're TV addicts.

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