Heroes, The Sopranos

Paul Drinkwater/NBC, Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

All Emmy week long, E! Online's TV Diva—and Live from the Red Carpet cohost—Kristin Veitch picks her faves and predicts the winners. Do you agree? Sound off in the Comments!

Up first, the year's best drama:

The Incumbent:  24

The Contenders

  • Boston Legal
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Heroes
  • House
  • The Sopranos

What Should Win:  Heroes

What Will Win:  The Sopranos

The Sopranos is easily the most critically acclaimed cable show in history, and if that weren't reason enough to preengrave the trophy, this was the show's swan-song season. The Sopranos has always been a juggernaut—being off the air is no reason for it to slow down now. Heroes inspires more passion among its fans (like moi) but may not resonate with the Academy's older membership, while Boston Legal doesn't stand a chance, and storyline switchbacks may have compromised Grey's Anatomy's chances. House has a strong claim to the win, but look for the New Jersey family to win this war as well.

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