Sean Cheesman, So You Think You Can Dance Canada

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Avid watchers of So You Think You Can Dance Canada already know that Sean Cheesman choreographs some of the stunning dance numbers that sizzle on the small screen. But not everyone is aware that Cheesman has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz, including world-famous train wrecks Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

The Calgarian (by way of Trinidad), who choreographed the Jackson siblings’ memorable multi-million dollar “Scream” video, will be the guest judge on tonight’s episode of SYTYCDC. He spoke to E! Online about the show and about his impressive career as a choreographer to the stars.

E! Online: You’ve worked with a host of huge name entertainers. Who was your favourite to work with and why?

Sean Cheesman: Ah, my favourite. I think about two. One is Vanessa Williams because we’re very good friends. And the second would be Janet Jackson because she’s such a hard worker and such a professional.

 E! Online: What are you most looking forward to when you guest judge tonight?

Sean Cheesman: You know, I think I’m just looking forward to being wowed by all of the dancers because it’s crunch time. And also (I am looking forward) to finally giving them the feedback of how I think they are as dancers. Because a lot of them I really think are amazing and I want them to know that.

E! Online: Many viewers were up in arms about the departure of Arassay. What are your thoughts on this?

Sean Cheesman: I think it’s really sad that Arassay left because she has this really amazing inner beauty that came out in her dancing and such a vibrant personality. But all the girls are amazing dancers and to lose any one of them would be sad.

E! Online: Who do you think is going to be the last dancer standing?

Sean Cheesman: If I were picking the winner, it would be Nico because he embodies everything.

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