Brooke Burke, Dancing with the Stars


Hey, Brooke Burke, you just won Dancing with the Stars! So where are you going?

No…Not Disneyland.

"I'd love to do a sitcom!"

This is precisely what the dancing queen tells us in an interview tonight, moments after she and her partner Derek Hough clinched the magic discoball trophy.

So, um, is she serious about the sitcom thing? (Hint: Affirmative.) What else did Queen BB tell us? And how do Lance and Warren really feel about her winning tonight? Well...

"This goes out to all the moms who think because they have kids, they can't do it!" a still very glowy Brooke told us after the final curtain closed on tonight's finale. "You gotta get out there and try everything." 

"She's silenced all the stereotypes," Derek added. "The pretty girl, the model who leaves early. She came out here and danced amazingly."

So what will the mother of two and former E! host do now? "I'd love to do a sitcom! And I love hosting. I just want to make sure that I'm really passionate about the next thing I do, because I poured my heart and soul into this for the past three months. I think anything after this is going to be easy."

Meanwhile, Lance (third place) and Warren (second) were most concerned about what their buddies were going to say.

"I was standing there, I was like, if I come in third, they're gonna kill me for two years and they're gonna ride me!" Warren said of his teammates.

"He's so going to rub it in," Lance said of ‘N Sync buddy Joey Fatone, who competed in season four of DWTS. "It's not even funny. Yesterday, he was like, ‘You better not win, or you're never going to hear the end of this!'"

Still, both runners up seemed legitimately happy for Brooke taking home the win.

"Rightful owner, no doubt about it," said Warren. "My baby went out and rocked it everyday she was here. I can't deny."

Agree? And can you think of a good sitcom for Brooke? Comment below.

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