Lost Promo Poster, Season 5

ABC Studios

Say whaaaa?

We leave Sawyer and Juliet alone on Lost Island for one minute (OK, three years, but who's counting?), and now they are holding hands? Crazytown!

New footage from Lost's season five just premiered as part of The Fray's new video for "You Found Me," and, well, see for yourself in the video below...

Is that romantical hand-holding or buddy-buddy, protective hand-holding? We must discuss in the comments below!

Regardless, that's some crackin' footage, right?

How about seeing Desmond and Penny in their marital bed! In other news, something bad is happening to the camp back on the Island, and the Left Behinders (including puppy-dog Vincent) seem to be running for their lives.

As for those subliminal messages, there's a flash about three-fourths of the way through the video. It features the logo of one Ajira Airways, for which the lovely Lost masterminds have built a password-protected website.

The logo includes a blazing sun and a tiger, and it's worth noting that the tiger is the national animal of Korea, the land of the rising Sun Kwon. (You go, girl.)

Clearly, sister-friend isn't messing around with Oceanic Airlines no mo'. She's probably chartering her own plane back to the Island where she last saw her baby-daddy. Speaking of Sun's family, you'll note that there's no sign of Jin in this promo. Hmm.

Fanboys, figure out that password.

Fangirls, discuss this hand-holding business depicted above.

Fans of all shapes, sizes and genders, Lost is back Jan. 21 on ABC! Holler hallelujah with me in the comments!

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