Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images; Eduardo Parra/Getty Images

Back over at the GQ Men of the Year to-do at Chateau, forgot to tell you all that Zac Efron was totally digging the fact that everybody was digging him so much. Dude loves the new intense fame thang, big-time. But damn if he didn’t chuckle, rather contemptuously, when somebody asked if he was looking forward to getting his party on with professional club boy Leonardo DiCaprio (who was also at the bash, as well as every hot hang you can find these days). Is that because Leo’s in danger of becoming the male Paris, only with a tad more ability in the acting department? Your guess is as good as ours.

Super-funny bitch Kathy Griffin also hit up the shindig. You know she just couldn’t resist being in a room full of eligible dressed-up men. “I’m a Hillary fan,” 'fessed Kath when asked who her vote was for Gal of the Year. “I think she’s coming back strong. And she could also be Man of the Year. That’s what’s great about her—she’s flexible.”

Don’t be so sure, Kath. It’s not lookin’ so hot in the Hillary political arena right now. And trust us, it kills us to remind you.

With additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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