Aaron Eckhart, what a babe, huh? Well, The Dark Knight’s White Knight is just that in real life, so it seems. We asked the chiseled actor what it was like working with gossip girl Jennifer Aniston in their new movie, Traveling, which A.E. himself calls “a total chick flick.” Like Aniston would act (or get cast) in anything else, duh.

Says Eck-hon: “It was wonderful; she was awesome to work with. Good friend, sweet girl, total pro. She has just a heart of gold, and I totally enjoyed the experience.”

Wow, could Jenny pay for a better publicist? Why doesn’t she ever date a gent like Aaron, as opposed to a slimeball like John Mayer? Then again, affirmations like “good friend” and “sweet girl” don’t really inspire any groin-clenching crushing, do they? And we know that’s the only kinda reax J.A.’s interested in these days, both from audiences and potential bedmates. It’s all very Angie! Angie! Angie! (still). Whatever. Guess Aniston just isn’t A.E.’s type, while guys like J.M. are more than willing to date a mournful soul, but with fab hair, like Jen—you can do whatever ya like, and they’ll keep comin’ back for more.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Becky Bain