Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston

Could it be that Miley Cyrus muscled boyfriend, Justin Gaston, is as controlling as he is sexy? Sure looks that way. Turns out Justin was quite influential during the casting for Miley’s new video, “Fly on the Wall.”

In fact, he was more than influential, he was downright demanding, if you want us to be bitchy and clear about it. We’re assured by buds superclose to Justin that the good-lookin’ fame-clinger actually handpicked the guy who played Cyrus’ on-camera love interest. That’s him!” Justin squealed excitedly when he saw his chosen model. But ready for the bazaar twist?

“Justin wanted to pick a guy that looked the most like him,” whispered our totally connected tween gossip. “That was his only criterion.” Um, does anyone else think this is just friggin’ weird? If you cared that much, dude, why didn’t you just do the damn video? Or is that the point, altogether—that you really wanted the gig for yourself to begin with? Oh, that’s right. You already got the bigger, real-life part, forgot.

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