Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo


Last month, Tom Cruise assisted a fallen photographer in NYC, adding to his long list of "Touched by a Superstar Angel" moments.

Cruise better hold on to his halo, though, because there’s a new celeb do-gooder making the world a better place—Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Jessica Simpson's main squeeze Tony Romo.

Here's his angel tally: Recently, Simpson credited her man of over a year with saving her. From what? No one is quite sure. 

And in September, after throttling the Cleveland Browns in a season opener and catching a late-night flight home, he stopped and helped a stranded couple by changing their flat tire. This with a freshly stitched chin!

And just this week, he treated a homeless guy to a movie and even let the man, who admitted he hadn't showered for several days, sit with him and a friend.

Romo didn't want to make a big to-do about his latest good deed. Rich Dalrymple, public relations director for the Cowboys, said the quarterback doesn't do these acts of kindness to impress others.

"Tony doesn't want any publicity for it," Dalrymple said. "He does these things because he is just a genuinely nice guy."

And in the distance a bell rings as another celeb angel earns his wings.

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