James Van Der Beek, One Tree Hill

David Giesbrecht /The CW

Take that, Pacey Witter!

You may have gotten the girl, but Dawson Leery ended up with a totally badass Hollywood career and rock-star life—complete with the flaming nasal cavities to prove it!

James Van Der Beek returns to his former home of Wilmington, N.C., and the CW (formerly the WB) in this Monday's episode of One Tree Hill, called "You Have to Be Joking!"

It's a touching homecoming, really. And by "touching," I mean JVDB is touching a straw to his nose and taking a big ol' snort of cocaine to celebrate his return to his roots. Check it out...

Yes, Dawson Leery has gone wild, baby!

Now, lest you think the scene above is a wacky dream/fantasy sequence, I should tell you that, no, sources confirm to me that that's really his character—and his character really is that outrageous.

James plays a film director whom Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) goes to visit in Hollywood in this episode. He's a bit, er, intense and wants to change everything about his script.

I'm told the Beek will be back for more episodes later on this season.

What do you think? Will you be watching? And who got the better gig: JVDB on OTH or Joshua Jackson on Fringe? (Speaking of, anyone seen what Katie Holmes has been up to?)

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