Miley Cyrus

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Is Miley Cyrus looking for a career change?

While promoting her movie Bolt Sunday, the Hannah Montana star told E! News that she'd like to try reality television.

"I would want to be on a reality show like the Real World because I think that's crazy," said Cyrus.  "Anyone who would do that has some serious guts."

With the hectic lifestyle that she lives, the pop princess said it would be nice to just chill out. "I just want to be in a really nice house with cameras following me around," said Cyrus.  "I can just sit there, eat Cheet-os, read my book, hang out all day."

And Cyrus is no stranger to having cameras following her around, describing her life as a "paparazzi town." 

"It's like a free reality show, I just don't get paid for it," said the teen queen.

But just like everyone else Cyrus has her bad hair days, and that's when the paps become a problem.  "They're always there," said Cyrus.  "Sometimes I'm not looking my best.  I look like a mess, and I'm like I don't want my picture taken right now."

"I get comments like ‘She's not looking her best today,' and I'm like ‘I know, I'm not trying to impress you!'"

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