Mindy McCready, Roger Clemens

Jeff Frank/ZUMAPress.com; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Mindy McCready admits that she has "lived life recklessly" and made a lot of mistakes, not the least of which was entering into an affair with a married man when she was a teenager.

But what happened next depends on whose story you believe—McCready's or McCready's.

Back in New York after a trip to SoCal to talk possible reality-show projects, the troubled country songbird resumed spilling her side of the Roger Clemens story—somewhat contradictorily—to various media outlets.

In an interview with Inside Edition, McCready says that her alleged affair with the beleaguered baseball star ended because she wanted him to leave his wife Debbie. But the "Guys Do It All the Time" singer also told the New York Daily News that she "never wanted to marry" Clemens.

"He should have done right by his family—if a person is unhappy in their marriage and spending all their personal time with someone else, you need to do right by your marriage," she told the newspaper. "He should have just told Debbie and been honest with her. If he didn't want to be with her and wanted to be with me, he should have told her."

Meanwhile, according to Inside Edition: "I wanted him to, after all that time, do the right thing by me. And, Roger is loyal and dedicated to his family...and so I ended it."

Clemens has denied that anything sexual happened with McCready at any time and, in responding to her claims, has only issued a statement acknowledging that he has "made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry."

But while McCready offered up conflicting accounts of how their relationship ended, her story remains the same on one account: She's sorry for any pain she caused Debbie Clemens.

"I have nothing but remorse and nothing but sympathy for what she's had to go through with this situation and she has my utmost apology," she told Inside Edition. And, to the Daily News: "I would apologize to her and say I was young. I now know better."


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