Christian Slater

Multiple reliable sources have just confirmed that NBC has given the axe today to My Own Worst Enemy (starring Christian Slater) and Lipstick Jungle (starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price).

So far no comment yet from NBC.

Despite a promising premise, Enemy never got off the ground in the Nielsen's, and Lipstick struggled, too, to find a widespread audience, despite fan love and after receiving a second chance for a sophomore season. (Lipstick's first season was cut short by the writers strike.)

One up side?

This clears the way for more appreciation of Joss Whedon's upcoming new series Dollhouse, which has a somewhat similar premise to Enemy (agents who have implanted and wholly fabricated personas).

Still, in this season of lackluster newbies, it's a shame that an interesting and complex series like Enemy (though ultimately flawed in execution) couldn't make it work.

Anyone going to miss these shows?  What loose ends would you like to see the resolution to?

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