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There are singers that act...actors that sing...models that act...atheletes that sing... and even singers that model. And in the case of Ruslana, there are also models that sing. Phew!

But don’t worry--the unconventional Ukrainian beauty, recently appointed the new face of L’Oreal cosmetics, actually has a head on those perfect shoulders of hers. Ruslana’s album, Wild Energy (featuring T-Pain and Missy Elliott, no less), carries with it a strong social and political message.

Speaking via telephone from her native country, Ruslana explains what music means to her in charming broken English: 

“I am from Ukraine. I know what it means, ‘energy crisis’. Some people only speak of it (but) I know what it is. We have sometimes problems. Young people, I tell them: let's have energy! Let's have independence! Without any drugs. Without any synthetic energy. You can create it, you can make it (yourself). It comes directly from your heart.”

Ruslana’s admirable social conscience also might make Bono quietly reassess his life. The singer is donating all (that’s right, ALL) royalties from album sales to her charitable foundation, aiding the victims of a devastating flood that ravaged the Ukraine in July.

As much as modeling is a part of Ruslana’s life, she knows that she will always favour her musical career: ”Give me the stage,” she says. “Give me people.”

The model, musician and social activist brings her live show to Toronto tomorrow. She is scheduled to perform in Montreal on Friday.

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