Camilla Belle, Joe Jonas

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, AP Photo/Evan Agostini

It only took Joe Jonas 27 seconds to break it off with Taylor Swift and another few seconds to hook it up with the star of JoBro band's "Lovebug" music video, Camilla Belle. He likes her because she's "a really good girl" and kinda looks like a female version of himself.

Jen Aniston says we've had her wrong all along. She swears she's not lonely and unlucky in love—in fact, she insists she's "been unbelievably lucky in love." But we were right about the whole biological clock ticking thing.

Remember on Monday how we alluded to the Cheetah Girl nude picture scandal but weren't that into it because that kind of stuff is so overplayed? Well, turns out the whole thing was faked for attention. Imagine that.

Ryan Reynolds may have three nipples—or he may just like joking about having three nipples.

Is there such a thing as too much Madonna? Um, maybe, but that decision isn't up to us. The Queen of Pop will be featured in Louis Vuitton's spring ads.

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