Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

So you all know, obviously, how furious we feel about this horrid Ellen-and-Portia-dooming Prop 8 fiasco happening in Cali. Here, too, are four H'wood types who couldn't hold back their hatred against hate:

Awful Truth: What are your thoughts on Prop 8 passing?

Cameron Manheim: I feel just disgusted. I don't know who would vote for Prop 8, what's the matter with love? You fight for guns, but fight against love?

James Cromwell: I think it's disgraceful, I think it's illegal and it will be turned down in the courts. And if it isn't turned down in court, I will support the gay people being out there everyday in front of that church. The Mormons, what a disgraceful performance for somebody who calls themself a Christian, to take away somebody's constitutionally given rights just because they don't think it's appropriate.

Angelica Houston: I try not to expect too much because it is actually the same world it was yesterday. But I'm expecting slowly and confidently we can change our world.

Michael Sheen: I'd hoped that people would vote for making gay marriage legal. I thought it would happen. So, I was shocked and dismayed when it wasn't.

We, too, Mike. Great job in Frost/Nixon, by the by!

Additional reporting by Becky Bain