Jeremy Renner may be an A-list Hollywood movie star.

But if you ask his two-year-old daughter Ava, chances are she'll simply call him daddy.

Long before Friday's release of Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation, Renner gave his little one a chance to visit the movie set. From the sounds of things, she didn't seem too impressed.

"I don't know what she thinks I am," he told E! News. "She does know I'm going to work. Literally from the trailer, I tell her ‘Daddy's got to work now' and she says 'okay' and she came with me and we just colored."

He added, "I think she thinks I'm a painter."

Jeremy Renner, Daughter, Instagram


To be fair, Renner did much more than coloring. In fact, he gave his daughter a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his new movie. And as an added treat, Ava got an awesome piggy-back ride from daddy.

"Behind the scenes set tour!" he wrote on Instagram with the father-daughter moment. "#storyofyourlife #proudpapa #montreal."

While he may look tough and strong online, Renner admits that he was able to relax a bit with the fitness workouts while completing his latest movie. 

"I got to take a break because I literally shot the last Avengers and this one back to back in London," he revealed. "The Avengers I trained a lot for but this one I decided to lose weight for once because I didn't have to train and I wanted to give my body a break. It was actually a nice reprieve from torturing my body every morning."

And while co-stars Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson may have maintained a strict diet and intense workout routine, Renner decided to take it easy.

"I didn't have to do that," he smiled. "I feel so happy." 

 Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation

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