James Cromwell

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

James Cromwell played everything from presidents to pig farmers. Now he's playing his most painful role yet: patient.

The prolific character actor wound up in the hospital with a broken collarbone this weekend after crashing his bicycle.

Publicist Nancy Seltzer tells E! News that the 68-year-old actor, an avid cyclist, was racing down a Los Angeles-area canyon road near his home when he lost control and "just fell."

"But he's doing fine now," says Seltzer, adding that Cromwell should make a full recovery and be back home by the end of today.

Best known for his Oscar-nominated turn as farmer Hoggett in Babe, Cromwell's lengthy film credits also include The Client, Deep ImpactL.A. Confidential, Spider-Man 3,  The Queen and, most recently, W., playing President George H.W. Bush.

TV credits include Star Trek: The Next GenerationER, Six Feet Under and 24, as Jack Bauer's bad daddy.