• Drew Barrymore joined the protest against Prop 8 this past weekend in Los Angeles and gave a rousing speech.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love considered dressing up like a "giant butt plug" in order to prove she supports gay marriage, after she kinda blogged that she voted yes on Prop 8 because "the language was confusing."

• Jennifer Aniston stopped by the Ivy in a supertight shirt to prove she is definitely not pregnant...yet!

• A-Rod may follow Madonna around on the South American leg of her tour, to which one of Madge's seriously not-funny friends quipped, "Maybe she'll teach Alex some songs from Evita." Eye roll...

• Mariah Carey says she and Nick Cannon did everything but before they got hitched. That would explain the rushed marriage, but seriously, how did this topic even come up?

• Angelina Jolie has a master plan to phase herself out of Hollywood. She'll do one movie next February, take a year off for the fam, “and then one film a year, one film every three years, one film every six years." She adds, "I'll just, you know, fade away.”