Is "Cool for the Summer" the"I Kissed a Girl?"

Demi Lovato debuted her new music video to much fanfare Thursday morning. Not only does it feature the 22-year-old pop star in a number of skimpy outfits, but its girl-on-girl action bound to create a buzz.

Lovato has been promoting the Max Martin-produced single all month, telling Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show, "It's very fun. It's definitely more provocative. I just think the more you listen to it, the more things it can mean."

Asked about her new look and sound, the former star of Disney Channel's Camp Rock movies told Seacrest, "It's like I've spent so long just kind of people-pleasing, making everybody happy with being the best role model I can be."

The "Give Your Heart a Break" singer acknowledged that she is "outspoken" about things she believes in, like mental health advocacy and charity work. "I have these things that make me a role model," she said. "But at the same time," Lovato added," none of these things are really representing the badass that I am."

"There's a side of [me] that people don't get to see with my past music, but it's been there," she said of people who might be shocked by her shift. "It's totally been there. And like, hey, just because I'm sober doesn't mean that I'm judging anybody else for their stuff. And also, it also doesn't mean I didn't have a damn good time back then either. I'm having a good time sober—a better time for sure."

Lovato is working on the follow-up to 2013's Demi. "That's what this album is: I'm no longer serious. I'm done with like the sob stories and the tales. New chapter, new life, new album, new single. This is a completely new Demi," she said. "There's definitely a lot of provocative songs on the album. There's also an element that I really wanted to bring to the music. One was the rock element. I wanted to bring back that kind of rock-pop music, but I have a lot of rhythmic flares in there as well. I don't know! There's so many things that I wanted to bring back. I grew up listening to soul music, and then I only listened to metal music for a while. So, I have all these influences that influenced this album and me growing up."

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