Sarah Palin, Saturday Night Live

NBC Photo: Dana Edelson

The culture wars could be taking a curious twist, as Veep also-ran Sarah Palin mulls her many post-election options in the evil media, according to the New York Post's Page Six column.

Talk-shows possibilities, regular TV pundit slots and lucrative book deals are already generating buzz for the publicity-magnet politician who energized the conservative base and the liberal opposition. Check 'em out:

"There are several of our imprints who are eager to talk to Governor Palin," Random House spokesman Stuart Applebaum tells Page Six. "She clearly has a constituency and we know books by conservatively-centered politicos usually sell very, very well."

Of course there are always haters. Linda Mann, president of Mann Media, which books celebrities and fashionistas for TV, noted, "Her buzz is incredible. She has car-wreck appeal. You're compelled to watch, hoping she'll say the dumbest things possible. I'd propose a show combining her love of fashion and lack of brainpower—'Project Dumbway.' "

Now that's just mean. Kinda funny though, even if it does run the risk of "misunderstimating" Palin. We saw how that worked out with W, right?

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