Britney Spears

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So how did the Britney Spears appearance with Madonna go last night?

"She was absolutely terrified," bitched a music higher-up who helped broker Brit's first sorta performance since the MTV VMA's glittery bikini nightmare. "She has completely lost her 'I'm a star, don't f--k with me' persona."

B-babe didn't show off her hopefully new-and-improved dance skills, but she held a mic and "sang," so it still counts, especially since her former flame Justin Timberlake was also making a concert cameo.

So, what does Brit-Brit say about the whole monumental night?

Posted in the itty-bitty corner of

"Just left the Madonna concert. It was really fun!"

That's it? Nothing on working with your mentor Madge again? Nothing about seeing old BF J.T.? No words on how great it was getting back on stage in front of an audience or how nervous you were or how itchy your higher-quality weave was? No thanks to M for not giving up on you and for featuring you in her sold-out show?

Guess that's why we're here, to fill in all of Britney's blanks. Sure are a lot of them.

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