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That's one brave little girl right there!

On Wednesday night at the 2015 ESPY Awards, LeBron James introduced and presented Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still with the Jimmy V. Perseverance award. The award was given to both Devon and his daughter Leah for her brave, courageous, and resilient fight with cancer. At just 5 years old Leah, has experienced what many won't in a lifetime, and she has fought the fight. Doctors didn't give the youngster medical clearance to travel to the awards, so Devon accepted the award solo.

The 26 year-old told the audience through misty eyes, "When my daughter was first diagnosed with cancer I felt like I was in a nightmare."

He continued, "Not knowing how hard it was going to be, we decided not to give up!"

Leah went into remission in March, and as Still recalled their journey he said, "That time God answered my prayers, because my daughter went into remission. We definitely couldn't have made it through last year if we didn't have a great supporting cast, and I would just like to thank God for surround me to make it through last year."

Devon Still

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"To the Bengals, y'all set the example for cooperate America, you let everyone know what it was like for an employer to stick behind his employee when we could do nothing for you."

Still credited this decision to saving Leah's life. "To Coach Lewis and the Brown family.." "I love y'all for allowing me to be a father first, and put football secondary, because y'all helped save my daughter's life."

Devon Still, Leah

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Since Leah couldn't make the monumental day, she sent along a video message. The adorable, spunky, and joyful 5 year-old said, "Thank you for supporting me while I beat up cancer! Hey LeBron, hey daddy!"

Leah was united with the ESPYs trophy on Thursday evening, and Devon Still proudly posted an Instagram capturing the moment saying, "This espy might have both of our names on it but this is Leah's trophy! Like I said last night, what I do is easy, she has the hard job. Like a true fighter she showed true perseverance throughout her battle with cancer and I couldn't be any prouder. #leahstrong"

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