Paul Butcher

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Oh brother!

Anyone else down for another reminder that you are getting old? OK good, because Zoey's (Jamie Lynn Spears) little brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) from the Nickelodeon hit  series Zoey 101? He's all grown-up. And pretty good-looking. Which is making us feel all kinds of conflicted and weird. OK, calm down, he's 21 years old now. We're allowed to say his face doesn't offend our eyes. 

And Butcher, who is also a musician, is loving  the nostalgia-fueled attention he's been receiving, tweeting that he's more than down for a Zoey 101 revival focused on his character. "Who's up for Dustin 101?," he asked his followers, tagging series creator Dan Schneider.

Paul Butcher

Vivien Killilea/WireImage

Butcher was on the series throughout its four-season run, until it went off the air in 2008 when Spears, then 16, announced she was pregnant. 

Since saying goodbye to Pacific Coast Academy, Butcher has voiced a character on King of the Hill and appeared on the TV series MyMusic and Criminal Minds. More recently, he made an appearance on Comedy Bang! Bang!. He also likes to post selfies on Instagram. Hey, can't say we blame him!

Back in January, Zoey 101 actually celebrated its 10 year anniversary, with star Victoria Justice posting a cute tribute on Instagram. 

"This is me when I was 12 in my very 1st episode of the show," she wrote. "Little did I know that it would change my life forever… I'll never forget you Lola. Or Zoey… or Michael… or Chase.. Or Logan… or Quinn ;) You get the point. P.S. Wasn't PCA the sickest boarding school ever?!"

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