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Another year, another round of sighs and gasps.

The 2015 Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, July 16, and, in keeping with tradition, there were snubs and surprises. Like, a lot of snubs and surprises. 

From Tatiana Maslany FINALLY earning a nomination for Orphan Black (long overdue) and comedy's current queen Amy Schumer making the ballot, there was a lot of fist-pumping. Sadly, with the good comes the bad, like The Affair being completely shut out, as well as Outlander. Fortunately, not every new series was ignored, with The Last Man on Earth and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt making big Emmy debuts. 

Here's our list of snubs that we're seriously stewing over and surprises that have us scratching our heads/jumping for joy. Yeah, we're feeling ALL the feelings today...


1. Parenthood: Le sigh, why did we expect this gem of a show to get recognized in its final season after basically being ignored in its first five? Shame, shame, Academy.

2. Gina Rodriguez: Ay caramba! The darling of the 2014-15 TV Season, and the Golden Globe winner, was shut out of the category. But we have faith she'll be recognized in the future.

3. The Affair: Riddle us this: how does the Golden Globe winner for Best Drama get completely shut out?! 

4. Dominic West: Ugh.

5. Ruth Wilson: Double UGH. Seriously, Wilson, who won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama, delivered one of the best performances in recent history on The Affair. She at least deserved a nom. 

6. The Comeback: Sure, we should be grateful that Lisa Kudrow was nominated (Yas Valerie Cherish!), but what can we say? We're greedy.

7. Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies: While we believe Outlander totally deserved a nomination for one of the best freshman seasons ever, the real crime here is the three stars' omission for their fearless and brave work at the end of season one, Heughan and Menzies in particular. 

8. The Mindy Project: New year, same snub. Once again, Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina and the Fox series, which has since moved to Hulu, were overlooked. How dare you, Academy?!

9. The Good Wife: WE OBJECT. And we also object to Julianna Margulies' major snub. (But we're happy to see Alan Cummings and Christine Baranski on their respective supporting ballots. Fingers crossed there's no voter fraud!)

10. Jane Fonda: While her co-star LIly Tomlin was recognized for Grace & Frankie (Yay!), Fonda was not. So not cool. 

11. The Americans: Continuously overlooked, FX's underrated drama failed to receive any noms. 


1. Amy Schumer: What a time to be Amy Schumer! Trainwreck is set to become the sleeper hit of the summer and she was just nominated for her amazing work on her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer.

2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: They were nominated, damnit! Well, the show, Tituss BurgessJane Krakowski and Tina Fey (Best Guest Actress in a Comedy!) were, but not leading lady Ellie Kemper. (We're so hashbrown mad!)

3. Empire: While Taraji P. Henson was recognized for Best Actress in a Drama Series ('Sup, Cookie?!), the rest of the cast and the series failed to receive noms. 

4. Parks and Recreation: Pawnee forever! The little comedy that could earned a well-deserved nom for its final season, with leading lady Amy Poehler also being recognized. We love you and we like you (for now), Academy!

5. Homeland: While we were nervous that Homeland's stellar fourth season would be overlooked after some criticized its finale for being too boring (so not true!), our worries were for naught as the Showtime series was rightfull recognized, as was Claire Danes. Welcome back, Homeland, we missed you!

6. The Big Bang Theory: Whoa, for the first time in a looong time, the series and its leading man, former winner Jim Parsons, were shut out. Is this the end of an era? (Mayim Bialik did earn a nom though!)

7. Tatiana Maslany: Wait, are we dreaming?! If we are, don't wake us up, because we wouldn't want to live in a world where the ridiculously talented Orphan Black star is nominated for every single award under the sun. 

8. Kyle Chandler: Sure, his  Netflix drama Bloodline didn't generate a ton of buzz, but come on, he's Coach Taylor. Respect must be paid. 

8. Liev Schreiber: Raise your hand if you didn't see this nomination coming for the Ray Donovan star.

9. Downton Abbey: Really, people? REALLY? How is the PBS period drama still taking one of the Best Drama Series slots? 

10. Will Forte: We love that The Last Man on Earth's (one of TV's  most an inventive and totally original comedies in years)  star was recognized. Let's all get together for drinks around the martini pool to celebrate, shall we? 

11. Louis C.K.: Of course, the comedian was recognized for his critically acclaimed FX series Louie, but we were a little surprised to see him receive a nod for his Saturday Night Live hosting gig, given the controversy surrounding his monologue. 

12. The Flash: Oh. My. Grodd! The CW series earning a nomination in the Outstanding Special Visual Effects for "Grodd Lives." 

13. Darren Criss: The Glee star earned his first nomination ever. But not for his work as Blaine Anderson; it was for his original song in the finale, "This Time." 

Which snubs are you mad over? And which surprises are you still trying to wrap your head around? Sound off in the comments!

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