Kathie Lee Gifford is living life on the wild side!

The Today co-host stopped by Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Hoda Kotb Wednesday and confessed to some scandalous activities! During a game of "Shush You Lush," the NBC stars had to answer revealing questions about each other, and they were eager to dish the scoop!

Both have hosted the fourth hour of Today for quite some time, so they've definitely learned a thing or two about each other—including ­X-rated activities and drug use! When host Andy Cohen asked Hoda whether Kathie Lee had ever smoked marijuana, Hoda admitted, "Yes, she has, but it's not her bag. It's not her thing."

But when Andy asked her himself, she answered a little more specifically. 

"No, just four times," she joked.

"She did not inhale," Hoda added.

Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, WWHL

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The co-hosts also spilled the beans on their sex lives, with Kathie Lee ratting out Hoda for having one nights stands.

"How do you think she got her name—HO-da?" KLG joked of her best friend. But Hoda wasn't going to go down in the sinking ship alone! Hoda revealed that KLG has watched porn and that she has drunk dialed her on more than one occasion. These two were more than willing to throw each other under the bus LOL.

But one rumor that has plagued Kathie Lee is whether she has had any plastic surgery done to her face. "I didn't get a facelift and let's leave it at that," she said. But then she took it one step further to prove she didn't—she showed off the skin behind her ears to prove she didn't have any scars. That will silence the haters for a while!

When the ladies were done doling out the scoop about each other, they talked about more serious topics such as Hoda's man, Joel Schiffman. The couple has been dating for two years, and Hoda described her relationship as "solid." Of course, she couldn't help but gush about him, which she adorably does all the time! But when asked whether she would marry him, she said she didn't know.

"I've been married once before," she reminded Andy and the audience.

But based on the way she was grinning from ear-to-ear, we doubt she's writing it off completely.

Watch the video above to find out even more secrets about these partners in crime. 

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