LeBron James sure knows how to direct his teammates on the court, but does he have what it takes to direct a movie? Well, LeBron thinks so. 

While driving his Trainwreck co-stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader and the film's director Judd Apotow around his home town of Akron, Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers small forward pitched in some ideas of his own for the Trainwreck sequel. 

LeBron's first matter of business is to kill off Bill early in the sequel and then to make the moves on Amy while she's vulnerable during the grieving process. 

Bill still wants in, "Can I be a ghost?" 

No. LeBron wants the movie and Amy all to himself.

After a convincing pitch, Judd is on board, until LeBron drops some bad news. 

The star basketball player wants to take his talents behind the camera as the director of Trainwreck 2

The Knocked Up director protests, "LeBron is too busy in practice to direct. It takes a lot of time."

But LeBron knows what he's doing, he even has some visionary plans for the movie, "When we're shooting the sequel I was thinking of doing one continuous shot."

Mr. Apotow bargains down to co-direct, but Amy and LeBron look at each other communicating, "Ugh...No way."

We'll see how the first Trainwreck is this Friday, July 17. 

Watch the hysterical video!

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