Is Catherine Zeta-Jones really appearing in an Ant-Man sequel?!

Michael Douglas, who plays the shrinking scientist Hank Pym in Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man, is putting that rumor to rest once and for all. Douglas had previously told the press that there was a chance his real life wife may play his comic book wife Wasp in the sequel. 

"I threw that out there. Sure I want to spend as much time as I can with Catherine. I don't even know if I'm coming back," the 70-year-old actor told E! News.

However, it's not completely out of the question that Michael's beautiful wife will join him on-screen. "Who knows might happen. I'm not ahead of these Marvel guys, they're way ahead of me," Douglas said.

Paul Rudd, who stars as the titular character in Ant-Man, also opened up to E! News about why Ant-Man is so unique. "One of the things I thought was really fun about this movie and I thought would be really appealing is that after just the expanse of so many of the other superhero movies, when there's—you know—outer space and huge explosions and global all of this stuff you get a movie like this where everything is shrunk down," the 46-year-old actor told E! News. "And while the stakes might be high, the scale of it, the perspective of it is so small and that you could have a lot of fun having this action packed climactic sequence taking place on a train set in a little girls bedroom."

Meanwhile, Rudd opened up about the 20th anniversary of his hit '90s flick Clueless"I've never shown my kids anything I've done. They've never showed much of an interest. And I think that that's so great. So this was cool ‘cause I figured at one point they'll get to watch it," the actor, who usually stars in raunchy comedies that are way inappropriate for his little kids, told us. 

Rudd added, "It's just a nice feeling to part of something that people care about...where 20 years later its anniversary is being celebrated by some people."

Ant-Man hits theatres July 17.

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