Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson


Lindsay Lohan's gal-pal is camera-shy no more. Thanks to an L.A. judge.

After months of balking at the prospect of committing herself to videotape, Samantha Ronson has been ordered to do just that.

The video Q&A is part of Ronson's negligence suit against Martin Garbus, the attorney who unsuccessfully defended her in a separate defamation suit against Perez Hilton.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kenneth Freeman said today that Ronson had to go on camera but with strict limitations. Only the parties involved in the litigation, including lawyers and expert witnesses for both sides, will be allowed to view the footage.

Furthermore, any additional copies required beyond those made for the lawyers will require a court order. The date and time of the deposition are also being kept under wraps.

Ronson has sought to avoid being taped for fear the footage would get leaked to the media. For her part, Lohan caved last month and agreed to have her own deposition in the case taped for a similarly restricted audience.

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