Do you think Liam Hemsworth ever gets fed up with playing second fiddle to big bro Chris Hemsworth?

Well, during an interview at Comic-Con 2015, the Hunger Games actor got pretty ticked off when he erroneously thought that a reporter mistook him for his Thor actor brother.

The interviewer introduces himself, "Hi, I'm Chris it's nice to meet you."

"Did you call me Chris? It's Liam. You called me Chris, didn't you?" the actor asks, visibly annoyed. 

"No, I said I'm Chris not you," the interviewer responds, a bit shaken.

The two laugh it off and Liam gives him a little tug on the shoulder to communicate that everything is cool between them. 

Phew, that was a close one. The 6'3 actor could of easily decked that guy for the (non)mix-up. 

The 25-year-old actor attended Comic-Con to participate in the Mockingjay—Part II panel alongside co-stars Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence

The movie will come out in November of this year and is the fourth and final instalment of the series. 

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