Kelly Ripa, Hair


Looks like blondes blues have more fun.

After boldly dying her hair bubblegum pink just last month, Kelly Ripa is parting ways with the rosy locks (which had almost faded back to her staple blond) for an equally prismatic shade. Now, the Live! With Kelly and Michael co-host is sporting a bright blue bob.

But don't get too excited over Kelly's cerulean tint, folks, because it's not here to stay.

"What's sad is I get two shampoos and its back to normal," she dished on her show this morning. "This took almost five hours. I wanted to try blue because I wanted to try pink and I really liked it."

Crafted by celebrity hairstylist Ryan Trygstad, who's also the man responsible for her pink hair, the look is anything but boring. Which is why dig it—it's summertime, so why not experiment with a few punchy hair hues? 

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