The Royals had some real-life royalty on the latest episode. Dame Joan Collins finally made her highly-anticipated debut on the show. 

Creator Mark Schwahn explained that he had her in mind all along for this role, "There was a palpable excitement on the set. When Joan Collins rolls in everyone feels like we're making a legitament thing here." 

It created a new dynamic on the show, bringing out a more...timid side of the queen. "You get to see the queen who has been so powerful and so polished and then her mother shows up and she's like this 12-year-old girl," Mark added. 

The Royals, Season 1, Episode 107


We can't imagine spending the day with both Joan Collins and Elizabeth Hurley...

Mark admits, "I think everybody embraced that it was going to be really fun and it was."

Watch the above behind-the-scenes look at Joan's time on set.

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