Amanda Seyfried, Ted 2

Warning: The Ted 2 red band trailer is so not safe for work.

While it was pretty easy to guess from the "regular" first trailer that the sequel to Seth MacFarlane's 2012 blockbuster was going to be just as raunchy and jam-packed with double-eyebrow-raising sexual scenarios as the first film.

But whoa. Not only are we further assured that MacFarlane never met a place to squeeze in an F-word that he didn't like, we now know that Mark Wahlberg three-pointing a Cookie Crisp into a fellow diner patron's butt crack won't be the most disturbing butt-related joke we witness, either.

Aside from the swears, not too much is different from the teasers that have already been out there—Tom Brady's glowing junk is present and accounted for, Morgan Freeman is still a voice of wisdom

But the adult content and language does include Amanda Seyfried, who plays the lawyer who goes to court to defend Ted's right to be called a person rather than a possession ("Like garbage or a piece of s--t?" Wahlberg inquires, to which Ted replies, "Well, more like a hammer or an orange" in the NSFW trailer's funniest new moment) taking a fat bong rip in her office. A move that quickly endears her to her new client, of course.

Hey, she gets migraines.

Ted 2 is in theaters June 26. (And remember, this trailer is a doozy. Keep your earbuds in.)

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