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Wait in line for the new Apple Watch? Not when you're Beyoncé!

The highly anticipated Apple gadget hits stores today (huzzah!), and will certainly draw in crowds eager to get their hands on the high-tech wrist candy. And while the rest of us can't wait to slap the new watch on our wrists, certain celebs long since already added the Apple Watch to their collection.

Yep, Queen Bey leads the pack of Apple Watch fans, sporting her custom gold version with a whimsical feathered headband. And she's in good company, with Drake sporting his own Apple arm dud at Coachella. And fashion elites, take note: Even Karl Lagerfeld is sporting the watch, ergo it must be a worthy style investment.

The watch comes in sport, classic and edition models that range from $350 to $17,000 a pop. And if you haven't pre-ordered your Apple watch, you'd better get in line, because there's no way the watch won't be sold out before long. But before you do anything else, go ahead and check out these celebs who already adore the watch!

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