All right, ladies—we officially have permission to raid our significant other's closet. On what authority, you ask? Pin it on Marie Claire senior fashion editor, E! News style correspondent and the doyen of tomboy-chic, Zanna Roberts Rassi.

OK, so invading your boyfriend's closet without permission is probably a no-go. But the E! Style Collective member did invite us into the Marie Claire fashion closet (ooh, pretty!) to show us how to style your man's (or woman's!) slouchy essentials.

The trick to styling anything oversized is "adding a dash of sex appeal." Wearing a comfy crewneck sweater and a striped skirt, Zanna created three looks using a baggy trench coat, white button-down and bulky cardigan with fitted—but not too bodycon—counterparts.

For an updated business-casual look, she paired the button-down with a lacy, feminine skirt and, surprisingly, a pair of comfy sneaks. "It's something so basic made so brilliant," the style savant said.

Zanna then counteracted the bulkiness of the oversized knit with a slinky slip dress. "When you're going to wear something this heavy and bulky, you need to lighten it up," she advised. But when in doubt, finish the look with sexy accessories, like sky-high heels or a man's tie as a scarf.

This mix of both men and women's closet essentials mirrors the androgynous trend we saw on the latest runways and red carpets.

Basically, we're way past borrowing from the boys at this point. With tips from the video above, it's about to be a full search and seizure.

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