Dreams do come true!

Meet Monica Simms, a mother of three living in New Orleans who struggles to make ends meet.

Not only does she take night classes to achieve her dreams of becoming a pastry chef, but she also cares for her three young kids. One of which suffers from epilepsy and another has Asperger's syndrome.

Simms recently set up a bake sale full of her own homemade goodies with the intention of raising enough money for her daughter's tuition, but a surprise she didn't expect was yet to come.

She originally thought she was doing an interview about her bake sale, but when a decoy from the Today show wanted to buy everything, her jaw-dropping expression revealed her true excitement over the matter.

Monica Simms, Today Show


Shortly after the purchase, a flash-mob and marching band flocked into the room, leading people to dance in celebration.

The Today show's Willie Geist explained that her friend Andrew and pastor J.B. Rawlings wrote a letter to the show saying that "she is the most selfless, generous person they know and she deserves to get something back."

To propel her dreams of owning her own food truck, she was provided with a table full of cooking products. Other special treats she later received included a $10,600 check to pay for culinary school and a meeting with her pastry chef inspiration Buddy Valastro, star of Cake Boss.

Watch the heart-warming clip for yourself!

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