And here, we thought this debate had been put to rest. 

During a recent appearance on the Australian television program Sunrise, Rose Byrne was asked about the 2011 megahit Bridesmaids—a "beloved" film which she called a "great opportunity"—but the conversation took a different turn when the age-old question came up: Can women be funny? 

"It'll be exciting when people are not asking why women are funny. You know what I mean, I still get that question and I'm like, 'Really?'" the 35-year-old actress told host Richard Wilkins.

"Is it harder for women to be funny, is that what you're saying?" Wilkins replied asking for clarification. 

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Rose Byrne

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"I think that's the perception," Byrne responded, seemingly irked by the inquiry before adding, "I mean, I know you're not saying that." 

"Often people are still surprised," the brunette stunner continued, "Like, 'Wow that's amazing! Women can be funny and successful.' It's just amazing that's still a subject of conversation which I find baffling."

She added: "They certainly didn't ask the guys from The Hangover, 'Wow! This is amazing, five guys can be funny.' It's such a double standard."  

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Rose Byrne

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This certainly isn't the first time a female comedian has addressed the sexist question. Fellow Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph previously expressed a similar sentiment just one month after the Paul Feig-directed film's release. 

"It is a little lame to me, because I've been doing comedy for a long time," she told Chelsea Handler at the time. "And I never thought of it as 'vaginal comedy.'"

Solid point. 

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