Did you know that only 93% of popular films in the past few years have been directed by men? And that only 80% of popular films were written by men?

And the statistics keep getting more and more tragic.

Men only get to be naked in movies half as much as women. Only 70% of speaking roles in movies are given to men. Only 88% of the box office hits in 2014 featured a man in the leading role.

When will this injustice end?

It's time to stand up for what's right and give men the opportunities and respect they deserve. Too long they have sat in the shadows of female actresses, directors and screenwriters. 

But not anymore.

#MakeItFair is a brave, harrowing PSA designed to bring light to this important issue. Successful women in film, including Rita Wilson and Mamie Gummer, have gathered together to inform us all about the plight that male actors face every day. Through scary statistics and uplifting song ("We stand here together/ Together we'll break down this wall") they declare that they won't stop striving for change until men have 100% of the jobs in Hollywood. After all, isn't it only fair that men should have it all?

Watch the clip and find out how you can help the men in need.

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