If you have made it this far in your day without crying, congrats! You managed to maneuver the Internet without seeing a single happy animal rescue story, viral engagement video or photo of Chris Pratt with his shirt off. (That makes us cry, too).

But you've reached the end of the road and it's time to well up with emotion, thanks to Pandora Jewelry's Mother's Day ad.

The video is titled "The Unique Connection" and it features children being blindfolded and then sent down a long line of mothers in order to find their own using only touch, smell and of course, that unique connection. We're going to be optimistic and adorably naïve and assume these are not paid actors and that this stunt was real, because it is so sweet and it'll make you cry and then call your mother immediately.

It'll also make you wonder if you could find your own mom in a crowd of other mothers if you were blindfolded. For us, we'd just wait for one of them to tell us that we should have done our hair that morning instead of sticking it in a ponytail. That's our mommy!

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