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That's not the most dignified way to start a recap but it is probably the most appropriate, all-encompassing word we could come up with to describe our current state after watching tonight's episode of Arrow. That was pretty amazing. We're amazed.

Tonight we bid a fond farewell to Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), who did not die, although for a minute there we totally thought he did. Instead, he headed off to start a new life, and executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim confirmed in an interview with Buzzfeed that Roy, and therefore Colton Haynes, have officially exited the show

They also revealed that Haynes' role on the show was always going to be relatively short-lived so that he could feel free to commit to other projects.  

"He was such a wonderful element as a character and a person," Berlanti told Buzzfeed. "It was super sad, but everybody kinda looked at each other and realized that he's at the start of what I'm sure will be an incredibly, incredibly impressive career."

So how did Roy's exit go down?   

After taking the fall for Oliver and pretending to be the Arrow, to say Roy had a tough time in jail is an understatement. He got beaten up pretty badly, which made Oliver and Company feel all the more guilty about "letting" him do it.

Despite all this, Detective Lance was pulling out all the stops to somehow catch Oliver in the act of Arrow-ing. Oliver's team, meanwhile, was pulling out an equal number of stops to make sure that didn't happen, which included planting Roy's fingerprints all over the Arrow cave and hiring a dude to fake stab Roy to his fake death.

Lance, Oliver, and Thea were all led to believe that Roy was dead, until Felicity and Diggle revealed the truth to a slightly angry (because when is he not?) Oliver. So Roy Harper, officially, is dead, but unofficially, he's now on the run, off to live some other sort of life in some other sort of place. 

Thea, however, was never told about Roy, which is a shame as she might now actually be dead. She was left out of the loop yet again and was going back through photos of her and Roy (when did they have time to take those amidst all the crime-fighting?!) when Ra's Al Ghul showed up to have a little ass-kicking party. Unfortunately, he won, and after he threw Thea through her glass coffee table, he…ran her through with a sword. It didn't look good.  

Oh, and Cisco from The Flash appeared to help Ray wrangle some new metahuman who mysteriously was not made meta by the particle accelerator test, and we got confused about which show we were watching.

While we're definitely sad to see Roy go, Arrow is currently putting out some of its best episodes ever, and we're excited to see where it goes as long as we forget the current condition of Thea in her living room.

Oh, and this appears to be happening soon, so get excited: 

Arrow/Flash gif 2


What did you think of the episode? Were you sad to see Roy go? Do you think Thea will survive that sword? Let us know in the comments!

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