Water is a big deal, but it can also get taken for granted.

That's why a number of celebs have come together to help promote and raise awareness of Waterkeeper Alliance's "Keep it Clean" campaign by creating a series of funny digital shorts, and E! News has the exclusive sneak peek at the first for you!

Directed by Rachael Harris and produced by Kids at Play, the 2-minute clip opens with a lovely song from Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan and features stars like Susan Sarandon, Neil Patrick Harris, Oscar Nunez, Niecy Nash, Cheryl Hines and Rob Huebel giving a mix of funny and serious commentary about their favorite use of water.

Kids at Play, Kate Walsh

There are the usual answers—taking baths, freezing it, drinking it...and then Kate Walsh steps it up by offering hilarious imagery of what she'd do to water polluters.

"When I'm walking down the beach, I just have this idea of how I would punish water polluters," she begins to explain. "I'd jump on their back. I'd throw 'em down, it'd probably take a while depending how big they are, and then I'd give them a little juicy-woosy. I don't know if you know what a juicy-woosy is—you drool right between their eyes. Let's go! Let's keep it clean!" LOL!

"We want to get people thinking about what water pollution means to them—to their drinking water, their surf break, their favorite fishing spot," said "Keep it Clean" director Rachael Harris in a statement.

Kids at Play, Logo

"But it's a dirty and heavy topic! So we brought together some of the most brilliant and passionate voices in entertainment to put their own spin on it, to get a little silly, to make people think about why this issue is important, and what they can do to help."

She continued, "The best part about directing this campaign is that we saw people 'get it' as we were shooting. We saw them realize 'Oh sh--t, water is everything. If our waterways are polluted, I can't take a clean shower, give my dog a bowl of clean water, have ice in my vodka...!' So we hope to see this translate into widespread awareness when the campaign launches this summer."

Waterkeeper Alliance will preview the "Keep it Clean" video campaign on Earth Day at a live comedy benefit. The April 22 event will feature performances by Sarah Silverman, Ray Romano, Martin Short, Tig Notaro, Kevin Nealon and other funny, passionate friends of Waterkeeper Alliance. Tickets are available here.

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